Parenting Parenting à la parisienne

I wonder if the fact that French parents teach kids to delay gratification affect their adult behaviour as consumers? And could there be links to how satisfied you feel in life, i.e. a deeper impact on emotional well-being?

Is that a sausage roll or a power trip?

Turns out meat is actually (?) about power and status, and that our perceptions of food materials are influenced by values. Or so suggest the authors of these studies.

Great Expectations etc.

An interesting new concept for me – affective forecasting, i.e. how happy or sad we think we’re going to be after certain events. Turns out that we’re much worse than we think at predicting either way. It’s a long article, but worth it in the end. And useful to think about next time you dream of that lottery win or dread something…

When in doubt, ask Google – whatever the question.

The answer to every question you can think of is on Google – even why husbands cheat, wives have affairs (note the difference) and what couples argue about most.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Why it’s difficult to change organisational practises

The original psychological experiment is explained pretty well on this video:

Gossiping cements friendships

If you want to make friends with someone quickly, the best way is to gossip about another person you both know – sharing the secret creates a sense of trust and intimacy that makes it easier to bond…

Who’s talking online?

A brilliant, brilliant infographic that analyses the differences between high and low sharers and various purchasing decisions, helping brands to understand how should be targeting consumers: